WillGlo Services, Incorporated was founded to meet the changing needs of a growing population of people with disabilities.  We advocate for our clients to obtain self-sufficient achievement and believe that all people should live in harmony regardless of race, religion, or disability. WillGlo uses a caring supportive team approach to assist individuals in establishing and or maintaining their safety, self-care, medical supervision, and meaningful relationships.

WillGlo Services Inc. is established to provide quality personal care, homemaker services, and adult day habilitation for individuals with developmental disabilities.  Several of our facilities are equipped to service non-ambulatory individuals.  Our agency is licensed through the State of Ohio and has attained various certifications with the state and local agencies.  We are involved with several community based groups and agencies such as The Ohio Provider Residential Association (ORPRA) and Professional Advancement through Training and Education in Human Services (PATHS).  Collaboration with other groups and individuals ensures and enhances the total development of service provisions that we aspire to provide to our clients. 

Developmental   Disability    Provider   in   Columbus

This agency is totally committed to providing its consumers with quality care, through properly trained caring staff.  We provide comprehensive training prior to staff working with clients in all areas of need as outlined in the Individual's Service Plan.   WillGlo Services Inc. will continue to fully comply with the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities, and the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and any other state or federal agencies (e.g. Quality Assurance and/or Residential Services) regarding the referral, monitoring, and evaluation process of prospective individuals seeking placement.